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Shecomes from Japan.

She,represent what a fashion hat brand should be.

She,is a paragon in the hall of the best quality.

She is Emerald Blue.



Emerald Blue was a headwear brand which founded by famous Japanese entrepreneur Mr. Akira., it is not only inherited the essence of always avant-garde, but also the integration of Chinese classical culture, the quality and detail has a similar personality pursuit of perfection. EB pioneered the brand concept of ' EB only make the choicest goods',Each hats has her own soul,what we need to is to show the perfect soul to each customer.


The moral of Emerald Blue is the sapphire’s light will never decline, She is eternal and immutable,even in the most clouded darkness. It is not only a symbol of beauty and fashion, but also represent the immortal life of EB brand, as always the stable quality.


 Along the way,With efforts and innovations of two generations in the past decades, EB has become one of the best-known brands in Japan and China. Its original idea initiating with a philosophy to Create Perfect hats has come into being an aesthetic standard when designing its every product. EB has an insistent perception, that is, with the best materials, perfect designs and unceasing innovations, there comes a good product . From the internal quality to the external performance, EB takes good care of every detail so as to bring the dynamics of life into the product. And now, EB doubtlessly is a noble brand pursued by the known and the rich.


 Every year in the international apparel exhibitions in home and abroad, samples from EB always are the focus to the peers around the worldthus become the vane for innovations in the headwear industry. For many times EB has refused to be a factory to duplicate products, and never gives up its belief in fashion designs.  EB dedicating to art, and proficient in details.


 The consciousness to quality and taste wakens along with the emergence of China. This oriental land also opens arms to those world-class brands. EB are determined to open up the Chinese market, EB will dedicate themselves into bringing the fashionable, unique, qualified, and classic hats to the customers in China. Together they will impulse the headwear industry, and turn a new page to improving the life quality of the customers.