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  • Humanism Management

 Since the establishment of EB,  we always adhere to the “people-oriented” business philosophy, and building it up to  upgrade the competitiveness of enterprises.

  • Open all channels for talented employees

      EB take a variety of simple and feasible method to expand talent channel,either through high-level talent market or through human resource website. Those measures are enough to put EB’s employment needs in order.

  • Rationally allocate human resource

       EB stick to the principles of“specialized and versatile” in  making use of personnel, and form a mechanism under which the employees can enter or exit,the cadre can move up and down, the department can set and withdraw,and the incomes can rise and fall. At the same time EB adopt the flexible employment system and introduce career planing,general performance appraisal,education and training ,job rotation to create perfect competition and incentive mechanism on the human resource management system.

  • Develop new talents,co-create win-win     

       EB has formed a perfect training system through the development of twenty years. Not only make full use of internal resource to tap the potential of talent, but also select excellent staff get further education in the headquarter of Shigematsu Corporation in Japan. EB provided a good platform for growth of employee, and ensures that employees grow together with company. EB give employees a chance to grow and develop new skills,encourage them to be the best. The present system became business culture of the EB label.